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SIMS / FMS Eligibility Request Form


You are entitled to access and use SIMS/FMS software updates if your school is covered by an Annual Entitlement agreement with ESS that is valid at the time these updates are released. You will be covered by such an agreement if, for example, you have agreed to our Annual Entitlement terms via ESS’ online gateway/portal or your school, or someone on your school’s behalf, has paid ESS’ invoice for Annual Entitlement services for a period including the date of release of the relevant software updates.


Where you have done neither of these things, please refer to the previous emails from ESS which provided instructions of how to enter into a contract with ESS for SIMS/FMS Annual Entitlement services.


Please note that since software updates are incremental, if you are not currently contracted to receive SIMS/FMS Annual Entitlement services, to receive such services, which include software updates, we will require you to enter into an agreement that is backdated to the time you were last contracted to receive such services.


Where you have entered into a contract but are unable to locate your eligibility key, or you require more help to enter into a contract, please access support by providing the following information and we will be in touch. Please ensure you have upgraded to the SIMS Spring 2024 (version 7.216.22) release and that all details are accurate and the email address provided is that of the person responsible for managing the SIMS/FMS Annual Entitlement at your establishment.


Manual keys generated from requests have an expiry date of 2nd August 2024. You will therefore need to resolve the auto-eligibility check in order to resume functionality after this date.